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look, We Get it. 

It can be intimidating or a little nerve-wracking to walk into a new place filled with people you don’t know. But don't worry. This page is all about how to make your first experience at Bridgetown a great one.

what it is like to attend bridgetown

What can I expect?

Each gathering begins and ends with music. As the band leads, we project the song lyrics onto a screen and invite you to sing along.
For those who consider Bridgetown Church to be "their church" there is an opportunity to give. This supports the ongoing work of the church. There are no plates, baskets, or buckets passed and it is optional.
why we give
Each gathering, includes a relevant and biblical message that helps you to see the connection between the story of Jesus and your story. 
watch the Latest message
Every week we eat bread and drink juice as a way to remember the central story of Christianity. We invite all who trust and follow Jesus to join us in this practice. Just grab a communion packet from the tables at the back of the room on your way into the gathering.

What about Kids?

Bridgetown is the perfect place for your kids to learn about Jesus. 

Our gathering starts at 10:30 am every Sunday.

3854 Race Road Cincinnati, OH 45211

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