Small Group Questions: 09-17-23


1. Take time to introduce yourselves and get to know each other. This is your first meeting together so take as much time with this section as you need.

- What is your name?

- Where are you from?

- Share a little bit about your family or home life.

- What do you hope happens as a result of being a part of this Small Group?

- If you could spend a whole day doing anything, what would you do?

2. Eric mentioned that the new church website is a tool you can use to work toward BCC’s mission to love our community & invite them into a life-changing relationship with Jesus. How might you use the website to reach out to a friend?

3. The sermon talks about the concept of being in the "In-between."

-Have you ever felt like you were in an "In-between" season in your life?

-What was it like for you?

-Why are times of uncertainty and transition so hard?

-How do you typically respond to uncertainty and the unknown? Do you relate more to excitement or fear in such situations?

4. In thinking about BCC, what questions or uncertainties do you have about the future?

5. Mark Sayers said that Christians can and need to be "non-anxious presence" in a world filled with anxiety. He illustrates this concept by describing being in a room when panic & fear & anxiety sets in because someone has discovered a fire. They shout “Fire!” At this point everyone is freaking out. But the “non-anxious presence” is the person at the back of the room who says, “It’s going to be OK! We have a plan. The exit is this way.” -How do you think BCC is at being a “non-anxious presence” in the world?

-How do you think you are at being a “non-anxious presence” in the world?

-What are some practical ways you can cultivate this quality in your life?

6. The Israelites in the Exodus story frequently missed God's presence and provision.

-Are there moments in your life when you've felt God's presence was missing, but you later realized He was there all along?

-How can you work on building your trust in God in preparation for the next time you doubt his presence?

7. Eric shared his experience of practicing Sabbath or a day of rest.

-How do you currently practice Sabbath or rest in your life? What benefits have you experienced from it?

-If you do not currently practice Sabbath or rest in your life, what benefits might you be missing out on?

-Whether your practice Sabbath or not, how does the concept of Sabbath rest resonate with you in the context of finding peace in the "In-between"?

8. Eric shared three ways we can begin to experience rest. He mentioned Silent Prayer, Fellowship, and noticing where God has been faithful.

Regarding Silent Prayer…

-Have you ever tried silent prayer or meditation before? If so, what was your experience like?

How do you usually approach prayer? Do you find it challenging to quiet your mind and sit in silence before God?

What do you think it means to "trust God" during silent prayer? How can this practice deepen your trust in Him?

Regarding Fellowship…

-Share an experience of fellowship or community with other believers that had a positive impact on your faith journey.

-How might this Small Group foster fellowship & community together?

-Discuss the significance of gathering together as a community of faith, especially in today's individualistic culture.

-How can you be intentional about inviting others to join you in fellowship, making them feel welcome and valued?

Regarding Recognizing God's Faithfulness…

-How do you personally remind yourself of God's faithfulness during challenging times?

-Share a recent experience or moment when you recognized God's faithfulness in your life. What did it teach you about trusting Him?

-Are there any spiritual practices or habits that you do currently or have done in the past that help you cultivate gratitude for God's faithfulness?

-Reflect on the idea of sharing stories of God's faithfulness within your small group. How can this practice encourage and inspire one another?

-What are some practical steps you can take individually to become more attuned to God's faithfulness in your daily life?

-How can your small group create an environment where vulnerability and honesty about struggles and doubts are encouraged?

9. How can you, as an individual or as a part of BCC, proactively share the good news of Jesus with others, especially during times of change and uncertainty?


Pray together as a group. Begin your prayer time with, “Lord, as we gather in this moment of prayer, we want to take a few minutes to reflect on and acknowledge Your faithfulness in our lives. Help us to remember specific instances when You have shown Your faithfulness, whether in times of joy, difficulty, or uncertainty.” Then finish with a pre-determined amount of time set aside for silent prayer.

Decide on the length of the silent prayer time as a group. This could be 1 minute, 2 minutes, or whatever the group wants to try. Try a time that might be a little bit of a stretch for everyone. During silent prayer the idea is not to talk to God in our head…but instead to just be silent, quite, and open to listening for God. Let God answer your prayer as your are silent to bring to mind times when he was faithful.

Then, once the silent prayer time is complete, close with, “You are faithful to us Lord through all seasons of life. Amen.”

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