Small Group Questions: 10-01-23


A Small Group is only as good as its members. To help you and everyone in the group be great Small Group Members there will be a tip to read aloud & discuss briefly as a group.


A big part of being engaged in the meeting is answering questions during the Bible Study. When the leader tosses out a question…be the first to answer the question or offer an opinion. Your answer could be the catalyst that gets more people talking.

With that said, don’t always be the first to answer. Sometimes silence is evidence of others thinking about their answer. Not everyone is ready to answer immediately. So be sure to give the quieter folks an opportunity to jump in with their thoughts. An over-talker will dissuade a lot of people from answering.

DISCUSS: Have you ever been in a group where one person dominated the discussion by always being the first to answer? How did it affect the overall dynamics of the group, and what can we learn from that experience to ensure a more inclusive and engaging Small Group environment?


1. Mike mentioned that he gets to celebrate two Thanksgivings (one in October in Canada & one in November in America). What holiday would you celebrate twice? What holiday would you ban & remove from your calendar if you could?

SPECIAL NOTE: Read Mark 2 together as a group. This can be all at once or the group can read the relevant sections of the chapter based on the story or section being discussed.

2. Mike asked, about things you have “greatly anticipated.” What is something you “greatly anticipated” or are “greatly anticipating” now?

3. Mike said, “We get hurt, we get frustrated, we get sick, loved ones get sick, people die, pain and suffering happen. We know this is the case, there is no denying it, and yet, we expect different, I think. We make expectations of Jesus, and we get upset when they aren’t met.”

-Take time to discuss this statement.

-When & how has Jesus NOT met your expectations? What was the result?

-When & how has Jesus changed your expectations? What was the result?

4. Imagine that you are the paralytic being lowered before Jesus.

-How do you feel, especially when Jesus announces, “Son, your sins are forgiven”?

5. The friends of the paralytic cared for him deeply.

Is there something to be learned from this? Is there an example to follow?

If so, what are some practical ways we can follow their example?

6. Mike talked about how sometimes he will get off the throne of his life, hand the crown to Jesus, and say “keep this seat warm for me would you? I’ll be back in a little bit to resume ruling my life.”

-Do you experience these same feelings?

-Where have you experienced the greatest struggle in letting Christ rule?

-Where have you experience the greatest victory in letting Christ rule?

-How can this small group support & encourage & challenge one another to let Christ rule?

7. The story of Jesus eating with “tax collectors and sinners” demonstrates a significant disagreement between Jesus and the religious establishment. Imagine yourself on both sides of the debate.

-From the Pharisees’ point of view, why would it be bad for a rabbi to eat with people like this?

-From Jesus’ point of view, why was it necessary that He do so?

-Why do you think people of ill repute were so attracted to Jesus?

-Who would Jesus hang out with if he came on the scene today?

-How would you feel about him hanging out with this crowd?

-Who are your “tax collectors & sinners”? The people that you hate or despise or think Jesus is too good for?

8. Mike made the claim that “Jesus will always, always provide exactly what we need.”

-Do you think this is true? Why/Why not?

-If you believe it is true, what would change if you believed it wasn’t?

-If you believe it isn’t true, what would change if you believed it was?

9. Jesus used the example of wine & wine skins. Mike talked about this in terms of the transformation that Jesus brings to our lives.

-In what ways has encountering Jesus led to transformation in your life?

-Are there areas in your life where you've tried to fit Jesus into your old ways rather than allowing Him to bring about complete transformation?

10. A phrase that is being thrown around is “With Jesus Better Is Possible.”

-How can we learn to embrace this idea even when things don't go as planned?

-What steps have you taken or are you taking to trust Jesus more fully and relinquish control in our life?


Close your small group session with prayer, asking for God's guidance, strength, and wisdom to trust Him fully and embrace the transformation He offers.

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