Small Group Questions: 03-17-2024


James said that Mark chapter 14 could be broken up into a 7-episode streaming series. What is a series or show you are watching? What do you enjoy about it?


Read Mark 14 together as a group. Feel free to pause and discuss things you notice, were reminded of, have questions about, etc. Once you’ve done this, feel free to re-read sections that are related to the questions below.

1. James talked about the fact that Jesus is of greater value.

-How does Jesus’ value to you influence our own generosity and actions towards Him?

-What attitudes & values might have motivated Jesus’ commendation & the disciples’ indignance?

-What do her actions reveal about her understanding of Jesus’ identity?

-Can you think of an instance when “wasteful” or “extravagant” actions like hers might OK?

-How does this passage challenge our understanding of what it means to worship and honor Jesus in our daily lives?

-What significance do you think her actions hold for us today?

2. During dinner Jesus reveals that one of his disciples would betray him.

-Why do you think Jesus chose this meal & this moment to reveal this to his disciples?

-What was it about Jesus, the woman who anointed his feet, and Jesus’ response that might have pushed Judas over the edge to betray his teacher?

-How do you think Judas’ motives for following Jesus differed from those of the other disciples?

-Speculate a little and discuss why you think Jesus chose to institute the practice of communion.

3. In the midst unimaginably intense emotions, Jesus prays fervently in the Garden of Gethsemane, asking God to take the cup of suffering away from him.

-How does this experience help you more clearly understand his humanity?

-How does this experience help you more clearly understand his divinity?

-Share as you are comfortable the last time you felt a deep sense of grief, sadness, or destitution.

-How does Jesus’ prayer provide us with encouragement, challenge, and conviction when we go through times when we simply don’t know what to do or where to turn?

-How do you interpret Jesus’ statement to his disciples, “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”?

-How does Jesus’ repeated return to his disciples during his time of anguish in the garden demonstrate his love and concern for them, despite their failure to remain awake and pray?

-Discuss the importance of being present with others in times of grief or crisis. How can we apply this principle in our own lives?

4. Reflecting on Jesus’ arrest…

-Beyond protection of his teacher, do you think there was anything else Peter was trying to accomplish when he drew his sword and cut off the servant’s ear?

-How does Jesus respond to Peter’s violent act and what does this reveal about his character and mission?

-Other than fear, were there other reasons the disciples fled and abandoned Jesus when he was arrested?

-How do you interpret the strange episode of the young man who fled naked when the soldiers tried to seize him?

-What lessons can we learn from the actions of the disciples in this passage?

5. At his arrest and trial Jesus was silent before his accusers.

-How does his silence demonstrate his trust in God’s plan and his willingness to endure unjust treatment?

-When faced with false accusations, must we also be silent to demonstrate our trust in God’s plan? Why/Why not?

-Reflecting on the various false witnesses brought against Jesus, why do you think the religious leaders were so determined to find evidence against him?

-How does Jesus’ response to false accusations and condemnation challenge us to remain steadfast in our faith and trust in God, even in the face of opposition and persecution?

6. Peter fulfilled Jesus promise that he would deny him three times.

-How do you think Jesus felt when he predicted Peter’s denial?

-How might Peter have felt upon hearing this prediction?

-What do you think prompted Peter’s denial and what might have been going through his mind at that moment?

-What do you think the consequences were for Peter for his denial?

-Have you ever been tempted to deny your faith or compromise your beliefs under pressure?

-Can you think of a situation where you may follow in Peter’s footsteps and deny you ever knew Jesus?

-Can you relate to times when you’ve made promises to God but failed to keep them?

7. Reflecting on the events of Mark 14…

-What do you think it means to truly follow Jesus, even in the face of fear, betrayal, and suffering?

-How can we learn from the disciples’ and their experiences to deepen our own commitment to Christ?


Use whatever supplies you have to take communion together as a group. Then use the following for your prayer time.

Thank God for the salvation that Jesus’ death bought for you. Ask him to help you have a more worshipful heart like the woman who anointed Jesus with oil. Ask God to help you follow Jesus’ example of losing your life for him instead of trying to hang onto it.

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