Small Group Questions: 02-18-2024


Groups are not expected to take a break, but can sometime during the Winter/Spring semester. The week of March 24-30 is Spring Break for both CPS & OHLSD. Talk together as a group to decide whether you will be taking that week or another week off. You may also want to schedule a week where your group does something fun outside the normal routine. Begin those talks & make your plan.


Eric’s message was on discipleship or following & learning from Jesus a way or pattern of life. If you could be a disciple of someone besides Jesus & follow them around to learn from them who would you follow? This could be a famous movie star, TV personality, musician, businessman/woman, author, etc. They would teach you & show you how to be like them.


1. Read or skim through Mark 1-10 together as a group. Feel free to pause and discuss things you notice, were reminded of, have questions about, etc. Once you’ve done this, take time to read more carefully the stories of the calling of the disciples in Mark 1 & 2 and the calling of the RYR in Mark 10.

2. Jesus called Simon, Andrew, James, John, Levi, and the Rich Young Ruler (RYR) to follow him.

-What similarities and differences do you observe in their reactions?

-How might the backgrounds and social statuses of the disciples and the RYR have influenced their responses to Jesus’ call?

-How do these instructions reflect the unique callings and circumstances of the individuals involved?

-What might we learn from these differences?

-What might their individual responses reveal about their understanding of Jesus’ identity and mission?

-What do you think motivated the disciples to immediately leave their nets and follow Jesus when he called them?

-Why do you think the RYR walked away sorrowful after Jesus’ instruction, while the disciples left everything to follow him?

3. Reflect on your own experience of being called by Jesus.

-When did you receive this call?

-How did you respond?

-How has your response to that call impacted your life most recently?

4. Mark 2 records Jesus calling Levi/Matthew, a hated Tax Collector, to follow him.

-How does this encounter challenge your understanding of who Jesus calls to be his followers?

5. Eric’s thesis was. “Following Jesus fundamentally changes what we think it means to follow Jesus.”

-Do you resonate with this statement?

-How have you experienced changes in what you thought following Jesus meant when you first started compared to where you are now?

6. Discuss the different instructions Jesus gives to the disciples vs. the RYR.

-Why do you think Jesus asked the RYR to sell his possessions while he didn’t ask the same of the disciples?

-What do you think the RYR was seeking when he approached Jesus?

-What lesson do you think Jesus was trying to teach the RYR with this command?

-What is something Jesus has asked you to do that you initially did not do or were unwilling to do?

-Is there something Jesus is asking you to do as a part of your discipleship that you don’t want to do?

7. Eric mentioned the idea of a “Wall” and said every journey (including our discipleship journey) has a wall.

-Share a personal experience of encountering a wall in your journey of marriage, parenthood, career, or some other aspect of life?

-Where you have experienced a wall in your journey of following Jesus?

8. Reflect on the role of wealth in the lives of the disciples, the RYR, and your own life.

-How does Jesus’ interaction with the RYR challenge your understanding of wealth and discipleship?

-Do Jesus’ words to the RYR apply to you? Why?

-Do Jesus’ words to the RYR not apply to you? Why not?

-How does Jesus’ interaction with each group challenge societal norms regarding wealth and status?

-How can we apply the lessons learned from the disciples and the RYR to our own journey of following Jesus?

-How have you taken steps to prioritize your relationship with Jesus over worldly concerns?

-How can we ensure that we are not letting wealth or other distractions hinder our commitment to discipleship?

9. Jesus tells his disciples that it is difficult for the rich to enter the kingdom of God.

-Why do you think this is the case?

-What does this reveal about the potential pitfalls of wealth?

10. Both the disciples and the RYR are faced with a decision about following Jesus and his call to count the cost of discipleship.

-What sacrifices did the disciples make compared to the RYR?

-What does it mean to “take up your cross” and follow Jesus?

-How do the examples of the disciples and the RYR illustrate this principle?

PRAYER PROMPT: Have each group member do a quick skim through Mark 1-10 again. Pull out a few significant verses or stories and use those as prayer prompts. For example, if someone was reminded of Jesus’ power of evil spirts from the story of the demoniac in the graveyard, let your prayer time be one of praise for Jesus and his victory over darkness.

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