Small Group Questions: 02-11-2024


What would you have for your final meal?


1. Churches have for many centuries celebrated Communion in different ways.

-What has been your experience in the church with Communion?

-What ways have you participated in it in different contexts?

-Have there been any particularly meaningful or memorable times connected to Communion for you?

Read the relevant sections of Exodus 12.

2. The Passover meal in Exodus 12 is a foreshadow or type of visual prophecy that points ahead to the events of Jesus’ death.

-What parallels can you draw between the symbolism of the Passover lamb and Jesus as the sacrificial Lamb of God?

-Imagine you were one of the disciples with Jesus when he “changed” the meaning & significance of a ritual meal you have eaten since you were a child…what might your thoughts & feelings have been?

-How does the Lord’s Supper serve as a reminder of Jesus’ sacrificial love for you specifically?

3. Both Moses & Jesus told his disciples they were to let the meal remind them of a covenant.

-What role does the Exodus story play in shaping the identity and faith of the Israelites, and how does this narrative influence the Christian understanding of Communion?

-What role does remembrance play in both the Passover meal and the Lord’s Supper?

-What do you “remember” when you take Communion?

3. Part of the Passover tradition was telling & retelling the Exodus story.

-How do you participate in the telling & retelling the story of Jesus when you take Communion?

-How can we continue to make this story meaningful each week when we remember & apply the truths of his death and resurrection in Communion?

Read the relevant sections of John 13.

4. Jesus commanded his disciples to “do as I have done for you.” How do you see this command applying to our lives today?

-Why do you think Jesus emphasized the importance of foot-washing by saying, “If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet”?

-How does Peter’s initial refusal to let Jesus wash his feet reflect common attitudes towards humility and service?

-Have you ever felt similarly uncomfortable with acts of service?

-What significance do you find in Jesus sharing this meal with his disciples just after washing their feet?

5. Jesus said in John 13:35, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

-How does Jesus’ statement tie into both the foot-washing and the institution of the Lord’s Supper?

-What practical steps can we take to ensure that our participation in the Lord’s Supper is meaningful and reflective of Jesus’ teachings on humility, service, and love?

Read the relevant sections of 1 Corinthians 11.

6. Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians both restate & expand on the events recorded in the Gospels.

-How does Paul’s teaching on the Lord’s Supper in 1 Corinthians 11 expand our understanding of its significance?

-How does Paul emphasize the importance of unity, mutual care, and love within the body of Christ in relation to the Lord’s Supper?

-How can we avoid division as a church when come together for Communion?

-Do you see any issues of division present in BCC or in your own life that Paul might address if he were to write a letter today?

-How does Paul’s emphasis on the communal aspect of the Lord’s Supper challenge our individualistic tendencies as Christians?

7. The Lord’s Supper is a celebration participated in by believers of many different languages, nationalities, etc.

-In what ways does the celebration of the Lord’s Supper unite believers across cultural, social, and ethnic boundaries?

-How does the act of partaking in the Lord’s Supper with simple elements foster a sense of unity and communion among believers?

-How can this truth be made more evident when we take Communion together?


Here is a prayer you can use to start for your group’s prayer time. Feel free to add in your own words & thoughts when you see the ellipsis points (…).

Lord, as we reflect on the powerful imagery of the Passover lamb we are pointed toward the ultimate sacrifice of your Son, Jesus Christ. We thank you for your faithfulness in delivering your people from bondage and for providing a way of salvation through the blood of the lamb…

Paul’s words point us to our need for unity & sacrifice & deference to our brothers & sisters. It also reminds us that we must recognize the significance of taking this together as a body made up of many parts… And Jesus’ example of washing the feet of his disciples demonstrate the servanthood and sacrificial love that serve as an example for us to follow. Help us to follow in his footsteps, serving one another with humility… Amen.

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