Small Group Questions: 04-28-2024


Small Groups will be ending the week before Mother’s Day. That means your group has only ONE MORE MEETING. ☹

GROUP ACTIVITY & DISCUSSION: For the final Small Group Meeting during the week of May 5-11 groups are encouraged to have a little bit of a celebration! Consider going out to dinner, having a potluck or desert share, or something else. Here’s your group’s to-do: Make your plans NOW so you know what that final week’s meeting will look like.


Let’s say you could design your ideal work week. You have to include work, play, rest, etc. in the plan. What would your week look like? How would you ideally use your time? How would your days begin & end?


1. Discuss & interact with the following quote from Tim Keller: “Because the world is full of ugly things, we need the Sabbath to feed our soul with beauty.”

-Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?

-How does this tension impact our perception of life with God?

2. James talked about the three ways Sabbath can be understood: as an example, a command, and a gift.

-Which of these reasons resonates with you the most personally? Why?

3. Read Exodus 31:12-18.

-What are your thoughts on the severity of the consequences outlined in Exodus 31 for breaking the Sabbath?

-How do you balance the Old Testament commandment with the grace of the New Covenant when it comes to Sabbath observance?

4. Read Mark 2:27.

-How does viewing Sabbath as a gift change your perspective on rest and leisure time?

-Share a time when you experienced Sabbath as a gift from God.

5. Read Isaiah 58:13-14.

-What does it mean to “delight in the Sabbath” according to these verses? How does this differ from merely abstaining from work or observing religious rituals?

-What would you put on your “delight list” ton include in your Sabbath practice?

-Reflect on your own Sabbath practices. Do you find delight in the Sabbath, or does it feel like a burden or obligation? Why do you think that is?

-How does focusing on God’s presence and worship contribute to Sabbath delight?

-How can these verses be applied beyond the Sabbath day to our daily lives?

6. James talked about how delighting in Sabbath regularly requires preparation.

Which of the five preparation steps mentioned (identifying time, creating lists, completing tasks, seeking support) do you find most challenging or most essential for your Sabbath practice?

-How might your small group support each other in preparing for and practicing Sabbath?

7. There were a number of potential Sabbath activities shared in the sermon.

-Did any of these resonate with you?

-How would these cause you to delight and honor God?

-What other activities would you add to the list?

8. Answer again this question from Week 1 & 2 of the Sabbath Series Small Group Questions.

-How do you plan to take small steps toward implementing Sabbath rest in your life this week?

-What adjustments, if any, do you feel prompted to make after hearing this message?


Use Isaiah 58:13-14 as a starting point for your prayer time as a group. Turn it into a prayer for one another.

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