Small Group Opportunities

Small Group Leader/ Host

Small Group Leader/Host

Focus of this Ministry: As an integral part of the Discipleship Pathway, small groups are one way people become more like Jesus. Participation in a small group is a significant part of church involvement leading to spiritual growth and personal connection. Group leaders are responsible for providing an environment where this growth and connection can occur.

Vision Statement: Provide an environment to interact with Scripture and experience greater connection with God & others.

Pre-Requisite Qualifications:

  • Participated in a small group for a year
  • Completed the Small Group Leader Application
  • Completed the Small Group Leader online training (5 hours)



  • Attend the yearly Small Group training in August.
  • Organize the day/time of group and communicate this to members.
  • Prepare for group time by familiarizing oneself with the pre-written small group questions connected to the previous Sunday’s sermon.
  • Pray for group members.
  • Facilitate group conversation and encourage participation.

  • Time Commitment:

  • Small Groups are divided into two semesters:
  • o The Fall Semester runs early September to mid-Nov.

    o The Winter/Spring Semester runs mid-January to early May.

  • Leaders can choose to lead for one or both semesters.
  • There is a built-in break between the semesters and groups are encouraged to take a two-week break sometime during the Winter/Spring semester.
  • Groups meet weekly for 1-1/2 to 2 hours.

  • Responsible To: The Small Group Coordinator(s)