Family Worship

Whether you attended BCC in-person or online, by yourself, or with a spouse, friend, or your whole family, the videos below provide you a resource to use for Family Worship. 

What is Family Worship?

Family Worship is doing at home during the week some of the things you might do at church on Sunday. At church you read the Bible, pray, sing, take communion, etc. And during Family Worship you are free to do these and other kinds of activities that connect you to God. 

How Do I Use the Family Worship Videos?

Watch a video during dinner,  while you're on a walk, or as you're laying in bed. Each video gives a short recap of what was taught on Sunday in the main service, bcsm, or Bridgetown Kids. Each video also has a question or two to answer or challenge to accept. Whether you attended the main service, have a student in bcsm, or a child in Bridgetown Kids, the videos are for all ages.

Need Some Help Getting Started?

We'd be glad to talk with you! Get in touch with us through email or phone.

Check out this week's Family Worship Resources on the Resources Page