Connecting Conversations

One of the most important parts of any ministry is discipleship. But discipleship doesn't happen in a program or at a single event. Discipleship happens in small interactions within a relationship over a long period of time - a life lived together. That is why family discipleship is so important. But every student needs to know that there are other safe adults within the church that know them and are rooting for them. The programs in our student ministry are set up to introduce students to these kinds of relationships and hopefully foster general growth, but every person's journey towards Jesus is unique. That means that sometimes the program will hit you and other times it won't. 

So these Connecting Conversations are intentionally designed to establish and grow relationships, to have fun together, to answer questions, for us to listen, to encourage, to empathize and to help identify tangible next steps for your student to take as they formulate their own identity and try to become more like Jesus. 

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I have some questions...

  • Well, there isn't really any agenda other than getting together and talking about life. It is about providing a listener, an empathetic partner for your student on their journey towards Jesus through their teenage years. 

  • Either the Student Minister or a trained, background-checked adult or student volunteer.  

  • Wherever. We can grab an ice cream, a coffee or even meet up at your house. But always in a place where there are other people around.

  • No. A lot of times our conversation happen around a game and the topics usually center around topics that your student is passionate about. We want to use this time to listen and learn about your student. 

  • Yeah. Absolutely. As much as you want to be. 

  • Yes. In fact, we would love for these conversations to happen with the adult and a close friend. However, there is not one way to do this. Every student is unique, which is part of the reason we are doing this. We know not every event or program we plan will hit the right note for every student, even if they attend every week. But we don't want that to stand in the way of a student taking their next steps towards Jesus. So if they would like to bring someone along, that would be great. Just let us know who you are bringing when you go to book.  

  • Yeah. We find that if you can find something that someone is excited about, they will usually talk about it. And if we sit in silence for an hour and play a game, that is ok too. We want to meet with your student on their terms.

  • Our goal is to have a one one-hour conversation, every three months or so is the standard we are aiming for, but really that is up to you and your student. One result of these meetings might be that we decide to get together on a more regular basis or less.

  • You just click the link above and then click on "Connecting Conversations," select your time and fill in your info. It reads our availability calendar and does not give you options where we are not free. So if it shows up on the booking form, it is available.