Read the Bible and Pray


One step on BCC’s Discipleship Pathway is the step to Read your Bible and pray daily. This page is designed to help you and your family take this step. But first, we want to address the why. Why would anyone want to read their Bible and pray daily? Does it help us to WORSHIP GOD and become like Jesus? These are great questions to ask. Simply put, we read our Bibles and pray to open the lines of communication between us and God. God has spoken to us through the Bible (often called His Word). In turn, we speak to God through prayer. Reading the Bible and praying puts us into a conversation with God. As these lines of communication open, we start to WORSHIP GOD, which means that we start to see His worth in new and different ways.  

But like in any relationship, communication with God can be tough. It is often hard to understand what God is saying (His Word) and to express what we are thinking (prayer). It does not always come naturally. Good communication with God never happens overnight. But this is to be expected. The same thing is true in all our relationships. It takes time to learn how to listen to our spouse or friend and to understand how to share with them what we are thinking. We only grow by doing. Frankly, it does us little or no good to learn about communication if we never communicate. We must try to communicate—even when it is scary. The Good News in our relationship with God is that God wants to speak to us. God very much wants to hear from us. Which is why we read the Bible and pray daily. We read the Bible and pray daily because it opens the lines of communication between us and God.  


There are lots of ways to access the daily readings. 

1.  You can pick up a book from the church for free. 

2. You can access the print or audio version directly from their website, 

3. You can download their app onto your phone.

4. You can sign up for the email list and get it directly in your inbox every morning. 



This Bible reading plan is a great way to lead Family Worship. Just read the daily passage out loud or listen to the audio version with your family, pray, and maybe sing a worship song together. This can be done at the dinner table, at bed time, or on the way to school. Whenever your family is together, you can lead family worship with confidence. 

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