Everyone longs to connect with God and connect with other people. A Small Group is an environment for both to occur.

Small Groups at Bridgetown Church are run in a session format with each session lasting from 7-13 weeks with short breaks in between sessions.

  • The fall Small Group session begins the second full week in September and ends the week prior to Thanksgiving.
  • The winter Small Group session begins the first full week after the week of New Year’s and ends the last full week in February.
  • The spring Small Group session begins the third full week in March and ends the first week in May.
  • There is no summer Small Group session.

SPECIAL NOTE: Small Groups open to new members in the fall, winter, and spring prior to a new session. Some groups remain open and accept new members after the start of a new session. Other groups close and do not accept new members until the beginning of the next session.

If you are interested in joining a Small Group or learning more about the groups BCC offers, click here.