Gateway Team Member

Gateway volunteers do more than just hold doors and smile. We are the first impression of the church, and thereby God, to our guests! Most guests will decide in the first few minutes if they will return, even before the music starts. You are the first loving touch every guest will meet, which sets the stage for people to be open to life change (Love our community and invite them into a life-changing relationship with Jesus –BCC mission statement). BCC is a place where ALL are welcome. The Gateway ministry is committed to putting these words into action for all that come to BCC services and special events, whether that person is a long-time partner, sporadic attender or is visiting for the very first time. As The Gateway Ministry engages with and encourages guests the Church will grow.


To welcome, connect with, inform and create WOW environments for first-time attenders as they experience Bridgetown Church of Christ.

Who can serve?

Open to all – women, men, singles, couples, young adults, seniors.

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Team Member Responsibilities (typical Sunday):

  • Arrive 45 minutes before the start of service (9:45am) and meet in the designated area for briefing and prayer
  • Extend a genuine greeting (smile, handshake or hug) to all who come to BCC
  • Distribute materials (bulletin, special handouts, etc) to each guest
  • Check guests in via tablet
  • Report back to Gateway positions at the end of service and remain there for 10 minutes to Thank guests for attending

When Ministry is Performed:

  • Twice per month (sometimes 3 if there are 5 Sundays in a month)
  • Special events: As needed (Christmas Eve, Community Outreach events, etc)

Time Requirements:

  • 45 minutes before church for setup and check-in every other week
  • Total: 45 minutes on Sunday & 1-2 Hours for relevant meetings

Length of Commitment: 

12 Months (~28 days total)


Provided on-site

Responsible To: 

The Gateway Team Leader