Bridgetown Kids

Bridgetown Kids is here to: “Love families and join with them in turning the hearts of children to Jesus.” 

We desire to partner with your family,  to join together with you as you raise your children in a quickly changing world. The roles of the church & the family are different but our desires are the same: to see your child become all that God intends.


Our mission drives our programming. To accomplish our mission though, we know we need to provide children with a safe & secure place that gives their families peace of mind while they are in our care. Check out the video below to see a few of the ways we are working to provide that kind of space on Sunday mornings. 

Check out the Bridgetown Kids' programming

Children 0-24 months

Bridgetown Kids offers a staffed Nursery for children 0-24 months. Our team is ready to provide loving care for your youngest children. As part of the security & check-in process families will be issued a claim tag that can be used to contact you with the paging system should there be a need for your assistance.

For families with newborns and very young children not quite ready for our staffed Nursery, we have a Family Room at the back of the Worship Center. It is stocked with diapers, wipes, onesies, and comfy seating and offers privacy for feeding and changing while allowing moms and dads to watch the live service on the TV.

Children 2 Years - 5th Grade

Bridgetown Kids' 2yrs-5th grade programming is available during the 10:30am service. Classes are broken up by age & grade for 2-3yrs, 4-Pre-K, K-1st Grade, and 2nd-5th Grade children. Our Bridgetown Kids Team works hard to ensure a welcoming, fun environment where kids are taught the Bible in a way that engages their imagination and connects to their life.


We have great opportunities for you to be used by God in Bridgetown Kids. If you’re interested in joining the team, just click the button to fill out an application. Once we receive your completed application, we will be in touch with your next steps.

What if my kid is a little uncomfortable with being dropped off?

That makes complete sense to us. Stepping into a room with lots of other kids, strangers and maybe a lot of movement would seem a bit intimidating to most adults. That is why we have our main room divided into 3 areas during drop off - a quiet area with arts/crafts, blocks, board games, and quieter activities, another area that is sports focused for higher energy with basketball etc, and a third area that is an open space for kids to do gymnastics, ride scooters etc.  Also, we can pair them up with one of our room ambassadors, another kid to be a buddy 🙂 

We would love to make them feel welcomed and loved in this way. And if they are just not able to enjoy the experience, we can always page you using our in-service paging system and let you know.

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