Believer Basics

The Bible calls the Christian life a “walk”—which means it is made up of a lot of little steps in the same direction. The first steps of a “walk” are very important as it sets the direction for the rest of the journey. Believer Basics is designed to help you take your first steps in following God and take them in the right direction.

There are eight steps in the Believer Basics Course. While you are encouraged to complete each step and complete them in order, the material can be rearranged and/or done in part. For each step there are five days of material to work through. Expect to spend 15-30 minutes on each day’s material. If you are meeting with a partner, expect to spend 30-60 minutes together each week to discuss the previous week’s material.

Below you will find links to download the complete 8-Step Participant's Guide. You will also find links to download the material individually at each step.

SPECIAL NOTE: We recommend using a printed copy of the Participant's Guide. This way you'll be able to write your answers, jot down notes, and more easily review & return to what you've learned later. To request a printed copy, send us an email. We will get one ready for you.
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Your Position In Christ

When a person puts their trust in Jesus & pledges allegiance to him, a series of changes occur. These changes are not felt, but they are real and true nonetheless. When we become a Christian we are adopted into God’s family, forgiven, justified, redeemed, and more. What do those mean for us and what other changes occur? This step begins to answer that question.
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Spiritual Growth

The Christian life is the process of becoming who God wants us to be. We haven’t arrived there yet but we must pursue it. Salvation is a one-time event, meaning you are saved, or rescued, when you put your faith in Jesus, spiritual growth is a process. How do we experience spiritual growth in our Christian life? This step begins to answer that question.
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Abide in Christ

In his teaching on our connection to God our Father, Jesus uses an analogy of a vine and its branches. He said that to grow to be more like him, we must stay connected to him like a fruit-producing vine stays connected to a branch. The word Jesus used to describe this connection is abide. What does it mean to abide in Christ? This step begins to answer that question.
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Dealing with Sin

When you become a Christian your sins are forgiven and you are given the Holy Spirit to give you new spiritual power to overcome temptation. And yet you will experience not only temptation but also failures and falls into old sin habits. While you can and should expect growth in godliness, you should not expect that your prior sinful ways are a thing of the past. When we give in and choose sin over godliness what should we do & how can we break free from its grip? This step begins to answer that question.
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Bible Study

The goal of the Christian life is to be a faithful disciple or follower of Jesus. Bible study is one habit that Christians must form to help them reach that goal. While the Bible was written to people living long ago, in different languages, and cultures we believe it is still applicable today. Spending time studying God’s Word will take time and practice, but the rewards are worth it. So how do you study the Bible? This step begins to answer that question
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Personal Devotions

Being a Christian is about growing in our relationship and connection to God. Just as a relationship with a friend or spouse grows through time spent together, to grow closer to God, we must spend time with Him. We pursue God by taking time each day for personal devotions or a quiet time. But how do we have personal devotions of a quiet time? The step begins to answer that question.
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Christians have direct access to God. This is an amazing. The Creator and Sustainer of the Universe wants to hear from us. Prayer is a privilege and an important way we can grow in our connection to and relationship with God. But are there any rules to prayer?

What is the point or purpose for prayer? Are there any topics that are off-limits when we talk to God? How should we pray? Are there specific words we are supposed to use? This step begins to answer these questions.
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When we walk in fellowship with God, it will be manifested by the presence of spiritual fruit. God will produce in our lives visible markers that identify us as His children. In other words, we will begin to look more and more like followers of Jesus. But what does this “fruit” look like and how is it produced in us? This steps begins to answer these questions.
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