let us introduce ourselves. 

We are a group of people who have experienced that with Jesus, better is possible. Which is why we are so committed to sharing that with everyone around us and why our mission is to love our community and invite them into a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

Our values


We believe a better life is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

When we can rest in the truth of God’s word and learn to trust the Holy Spirit, we can live a life that is joyful and filled with goodness.


We believe a better community is found when people unite under Christ's leadership.

When we commit ourselves to pursue love and reconciliation with each other through an unflinching posture of grace, we can find something special: a place where we each belong and a people we can journey through life with.


We believe a better purpose is found when we love and invite people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

When we experience the better that Jesus brings, the only response we can have is to share it with others through generosity and service, mercy and justice.
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Now, it is one thing to say this,
it is another thing to live out our values.

That is why Bridgetown does not just say,  "Do this!" and expect it to happen. We have developed a system that helps you live these ideals out in your own life. It teaches you the rhythms of the Christian life by meeting you where you are and leading you slowly through a series of simple Next Steps.
Worship helps us to rest in the truth of the gospel. 
Building others up helps us practice love.
Connecting with a community encourages and equips us to keep going.
Reaching others with the gospel is the great work God has invited us to join.

Staff and leaders

Get to know a little bit about a couple of the people that help keep this place running. 
meet the whole team
Phil Coleman
Steve Gillock
Laythan Bragdon

Get In Touch

Our staff and ministry leaders are available to answer any questions you may have about the church. Feel free to contact the church office with any questions regarding upcoming events, service times, or any other general question about Bridgetown. We will be sure the appropriate person contacts you.

Office Hours
9:00am - 5:00pm

(513) 574-1111
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