BCSM is a ministry for students in 6th-12th grade. Here you’ll find information about our programs, events, and the BCSM Team.


BCSM exists to support the mission of Bridgetown Church of Christ by working with the parents of young people and the partners of BCC to reach students in our community and help them take their next steps towards Jesus. 

  • sunday morning

    6th-12th Grade

    during the 10:30am Sunday service in the BCSM area, Our team provides a fun, comfortable environment where middle and high school students learn about and discuss Biblical truths. All students meet in the youth room for worship, bible study and then split into small groups for discussion.

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    BCSM offers various events throughout the year (camps, conferences, retreats, outings, etc.). Remain connected to Bridgetown Church’s Facebook Page for information about specific events or check out our blog  ( Also, contact the church office at 513-574-1111 if you would like to be added to the BCSM information distribution list! 

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  • Blog

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    to get the most up to date info on what we are doing and what we are talking about  in bcsm, check out our blog. 

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    Investors are adults that allow themselves to  be used by God in the lives of teenagers. If you’re interested in joining the BCSM team of investors, contact the church office.

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    Office: 513.574.1111 x10

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October 14th 5:30- 7:30 pm

Raising teenagers is hard. You do not get a Parent's handbook that tells you how to deal with the issues that they will face in their teen years. 

So...we want to make the process a little easier for you. We have invited two experts in the field of adolescent psychology and development to share with you a few hacks (simple tools and family practices) that you can use to raise emotionally healthy adolescents. Every teenager is different and has different needs, but we believe that if you implement these ideas, you will have an easier road ahead of you. Our experts will share some practical ways that you, as a parent, can pre-emptively deal with some of the issues your teenager is likely to face, or is facing right now, and that will be followed by a Q & A session, where you can ask for clarification on one of the hacks presented or just ask an expert what you could do with a certain situation you are facing. 

We will be providing childcare and a program for teenagers at the same time as the event, so you don't have to find babysitting. We will be providing a meal, so you won't have to worry about dinner. Just spend 2 hours with us and learn some family practices to raise emotionally healthy adolescents.

love our community and invite them into a life-changing relationship with Jesus.